Felix Rieseberg

Improved Ember Cli Performance with Windows


Ember and Ember Cli are some of the best tools for the development of sophisticated web applications. A lot of its magic is in the automatic build tool, which also allows for incremental builds during development. Those builds can be a bit slow on Windows - correct configuration of Windows Defender and the Windows Search Index improve the speed dramatically. The Microsoft DX Open Source team built a small tool that makes the configuration of Windows for Ember Cli projects a lot easier. Check it out on GitHub.

To optimize performance dramatically, run the following commands using Powershell from the root of your Ember Cli project:

npm install -g ember-cli-windows

The script automatically configures Search and Defender to ignore your project's tmp folder and is minimally invasive. Therefore, run ember-cli-windows in every project that you're working on.

This tool is also available as an Ember Addon. It has the benefit of being shippable with your project, meaning that other developers on the project do not need to install anything to use the automatic configuration. To install and use, run:

npm install --save-dev ember-cli-windows-addon
ember windows