Felix Rieseberg

Node 0.12 (Stable) and Azure Websites

A few minutes ago, Joyent released Node 0.12 (Stable). Some might wonder if the pressure from the Node fork io.js had anything to do with this release, but as developers - it's worth pointing out that Joyent made it clear that it will continue to prioritize API stability.

We are also pleased to report that this release of Node.js has tests passing on all of our supported platforms. On the one hand, this seems obvious (what are tests for if not to verify before you release it?!), but this is actually the first release of Node.js that has operated under this constraint. Requiring that all tests pass before releasing Node.js marks an important development for the project, and is essential for building a solid path moving forward.

Let's run it on Azure Websites

I'm sure that Azure Websites will feature the new version as a preinstalled default within a few days - meaning that defining 0.12.0 as Node version in package.json should be sufficient. If you want to take it for a spin now, you can use a small deployment script to make us of it today. Simply head over to GitHub and click the big 'Deploy to Azure' button and you're good to go!